Nutritionist Panova recommended drinking green tea to reduce the risk of thrombosis


Drinking green tea helps reduce the risk of blood clots in the blood vessels. This was stated by nutritionist Olga Panova. She told what other products are useful for the prevention of thrombosis.

A medical specialist claims that green tea contains a special substance – rutin. It blocks enzymes that contribute to the production of blood clots. Every day, the doctor advises drinking one or two cups of this drink. “Moscow 24”.

Sunflower oil is also considered no less useful. However, Panova emphasizes that only smelling oil, and not refined oil, is beneficial. Oil reduces the risk of blood clots due to the increased content of antioxidants in its composition.

Finally, the doctor recommends adding cod liver, which contains heparin, to the diet. According to Panova, dishes with cod liver can be eaten once a week.


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