Nutritionist Kovylkina explained how to replace the more expensive cucumbers and tomatoes

An alternative to more expensive vegetables and fruits can be seasonal products, the price of which is much lower. This was told by a certified nutritionist Oksana Kovylkina. In particular, in winter and spring, cucumber and tomato salads can be replaced with dishes of cabbage, beets, carrots, radishes, radishes, sweet peppers. Salad mixes, different types of onions and herbs are also suitable.

“Do not believe it, but this is also a variety. The same greens can be easily grown on the windowsill, and you will always have it fresh. Try those vegetables that you may never have tried,” – Kovylkina explained in an interview with RIAMO.

The expert also advises to remember about frozen fruits, vegetables and berries, these mixtures are on sale in every store. Kovylkina recommends mixing them with cereals, making salads and desserts. They also contain essential vitamins, minerals and fiber.

In addition, according to a nutritionist, you need to be careful with the use of canned fruits in jars, as they contain a lot of sugar, the daily norm of which should be no more than 10%, which is 50 grams, or 12 teaspoons.

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