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Nusrat Jahan was once in a relationship with gang rape accused Kadir Khan

Actress Nusrat Jahan is currently in discussion about her separation from her husband Nikhil Jain. However, few people know that Nusrat Jahan was in a relationship with Kadir Khan for 4 years before marrying Nikhil. Qadir was accused of involvement in the Park Street gang rape.

Bengali actress and Trinamool Congress MP Nusrat Jahan is in a lot of discussion about her separation from her husband Nikhil Jain recently. Nusrat and Nikhil were married in 2019 and the couple has separated in less than 2 years. Now after separating, Nikhil and Nusrat have made many allegations against each other. By the way, few people know that before marriage Nusrat Jahan was in a relationship with a man who was accused of gang rape.

Boyfriend was defended on gang rape allegations
Long before joining politics, Nusrat Jahan was in a relationship with a person named Qadir Khan. Kadir Khan was made the main accused in the gang rape in Park Street area of ​​Kolkata. At that time, Nusrat had defended her boyfriend after Qadir was accused of rape. Nusrat had said that she had not loved Qadir knowing that one day he would be called a rapist. Nusrat had also appealed to the CM for help on the issue of Qadir.

Nusrat was in a relationship with Qadir for 4 years
Nusrat had also introduced Qadir to his family before he was accused of rape. Nusrat and Qadir dated each other for 4 years. After the allegations against Qadir, Nusrat said that she was unable to see her family. Nusrat and Qadir met through a college friend. Soon after that their friendship turned into love. Qadir Khan absconded after being accused of rape. After 4 years in 2016, he was arrested by Kolkata Police from Greater Noida.

Nusrat said – marriage with Nikhil is not legal
On the other hand Nusrat Jahan came close to businessman Nikhil Jain while working in films. Later both of them got married in Turkey in 2019 following Hindu, Islam and Christian customs. Recently Nikhil Jain has said that he is living separately from Nusrat since November 2020. Nusrat has declared her marriage with Nikhil as illegal. He has said that his marriage to Nikhil was done according to the laws of Turkey, so he has no recognition in India.


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