Numbers of people tested positive for Corona in Russia are increasing


The number of corona findings in Russia is increasing. In the past week, values ​​from March were reached with around 20,000 people who tested positive every day. At the national level, authorities are taking no action but recommending the wearing of masks.

In the past few weeks, the Russian health authorities have recorded an increase in those who have tested positive for the corona virus. Around 20,000 new “cases” are reported every day.

Most of those who tested positive are recorded in Moscow and Saint Petersburg – there the density of test centers in Russia is highest. So-called “herd immunity” fell nationwide from 64 percent in February to 8.6 percent in August. The increase in the number of infections is said to be related to the spread of the omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5.

The situation will worsen when the new school year begins and travelers return from vacation, Alexei Agranovsky, a professor at Moscow State University, told the newspaper RBK. According to him, the “new wave” will last around two months.

Clinics are treating fewer and fewer patients – but the proportion of COVID cases has been growing since vaccination began


Clinics are treating fewer and fewer patients – but the proportion of COVID cases has been growing since vaccination began

The former chief physician of Russia Gennady also warned: “The population is reassured that the disease in this variant is easy, that the number of hospital admissions is low. But it’s a dangerous feeling.” According to him, it is now important to immunize the population again in good time.

The health authorities are currently ruling out a general return to pandemic-related restrictions. However, the Consumer Protection Agency has recommended that risk groups, i.e. older people and those with chronic illnesses, wear masks in public places.

Measures are already being taken at regional level. In Sochi, for example, there are regular sanitary treatments in public places and on public transport. In the Novosibirsk region, where the “number of cases” rose by almost 80 percent within a week, an “intensified state of readiness” applies until the end of September. In mid-July, the Moscow authorities recommended that citizens wear masks indoors again and be vaccinated against the corona virus. The newspaper reported Kommersant, that there could be a shortage of vaccines in the country, since the developers of the vaccine Sputnik V had reduced production of the drug this year. However, the Ministry of Health assured that the supply would be sufficient “even if there was a sharp increase in demand from the population”.

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