Nuclear submarine “Arctur” will be reduced by 20% due to new weapons

MOD Russia/via
MOD Russia/via

Strategic nuclear submarine “Arctur” will receive new weapons. This modification will reduce the volume of the submarine by 20%, said a representative of the Central Design Bureau (TsKB) “Rubin”.

It is emphasized that the new weapon will reduce the displacement of the submarine, which will reduce the total volume of the submarine by 20%. According to the representative of the Rubin Central Design Bureau, this became possible due to the constant improvement of missile weapons. At the same time, the combat potential of the submarine will remain at the same level. RIA News.

“Due to this, and also due to the change in architecture, the Arcturus will have 20% less displacement than modern missile carriers. It will be 134 meters long, 15.7 meters wide, and have a crew of about 100 people.

At the same time, a new two-seat model of the Su-57 multifunctional fighter may appear in Russia. The United Aircraft Building Organization and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation are discussing the corresponding possibility.


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