Nuclear bomb has no place in Iran’s defense doctrine: AEOI chief


    On August 5, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) said that Iran complies with the NPT regime and has never felt the need for a nuclear military program. Iranian news agency reported Mehr

    AEOI Chairman Mohammad Eslami made this statement in an interview with Tehran TV channel Al Alam TV.

    “We do not and do not feel the need for an atomic military program, because neither in our defense doctrine, nor in our religious beliefs there is a place for an atomic bomb,” the Iranian representative said.

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    Regarding the nuclear enrichment capability, the head of the AEOI said: “According to the law, we must increase the enrichment capacity to 190,000 units of uranium, relying on advanced machines IR6. These centrifuges are now running on the production line with maximum efficiency and quality.”

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