Now also the master’s thesis? Allegations of plagiarism against former State Secretary Patrick Graichen

Heidelberg University is currently checking the doctoral thesis by former State Secretary Patrick Graichen for possible plagiarism. Now the plagiarism checker Stefan Weber has found evidence that Graichen could even have copied his master’s thesis.

The allegations against former Secretary of State Patrick Graichen do not stop. Just days after his May 17 release, the reported Picture about possible plagiarism in Graichen’s doctoral thesis. Graichen rejected the allegations, but arranged for his doctoral thesis to be reviewed by the Heidelberg University responsible.

The Luxembourg plagiarism checker Jochen Zenthöfer, who commissioned Graichen’s work Picture examined, meanwhile spoke of a “clear deceptive pattern”. However, the review by the University of Heidelberg has not yet been completed.

Plagiarism checker Weber: “pioneer of network plagiarism”

Green politician Nimmermann becomes Graichen's successor in the Habeck Ministry

Green politician Nimmermann becomes Graichen’s successor in the Habeck Ministry

Now, however, there are also possible plagiarisms in Graichen’s master’s thesis, which he submitted to the University of Cambridge in Great Britain and for which he was awarded the title “Master of Philosophy” in 1996. This is documented by the Austrian plagiarism checker Stefan Weber on his weblog plagiarism reports several passages from Graichen’s master’s thesis.

According to his own statement, Weber assumes that Graichen “must have been damn sure of his cause” since he posted both his doctoral thesis and his master’s thesis himself, and even describes him as a “pioneer of online plagiarism”.

If the accusation were to be confirmed, Graichen might not even have been allowed to write his doctoral thesis at the University of Heidelberg. A statement from Graichen is not yet available.

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