Novosibirsk Transport Ministry will check the road workers who laid asphalt in the snow


Asphalt laying - 1920, 11/01/2021

NOVOSIBIRSK, 1 Nov – The authorities of the Novosibirsk region will check the performance of asphalt concrete of all road organizations that laid it over the weekend in snowfall conditions, and will warn about responsibility, the head of the regional ministry of transport and road facilities Anatoly Kostylevsky said on Monday at an operational meeting in the regional government.
Earlier, local media reported about several cases when on Saturday and Sunday in snowfall and blizzard in Novosibirsk and the region, workers of road organizations laid hot asphalt and paving slabs.
‚ÄúConsidering that the hottest topic of this year that we are discussing is effective control over the quality of work, adherence to technology, in the current weather conditions, this is probably extremely important. not completed, is there a threat to the quality of work and are there risks of technology disruption? ” Governor Andrei Travnikov asked the minister.
Kostylevsky said that during a snowfall, the laying of asphalt concrete is “of course not allowed,” and that the objects that were named in the media will be checked.
“We will certainly check all the physical and chemical parameters of asphalt concrete in the laboratory with passion. If the quality is not met, accordingly, the facilities will not be commissioned,” the minister said.
At the same time, the governor noted that the main goal is not to identify defects, to catch them by the hand and force them to redo, and not to allow such defects to appear.
“Therefore, think about how to convey to all municipal customers and performers of work, what technologies and in what conditions are permissible in this period, so that later you do not run with the laboratory and do not identify the patches that have fallen off. Do it immediately today. Warn everyone with an information letter – under what conditions and what technologies it is unacceptable to use, “Travnikov said.


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