Home News Novosibirsk residents died while swimming in prohibited places

Novosibirsk residents died while swimming in prohibited places


In Novosibirsk, last holiday weekend, two people died while swimming in places prohibited for this purpose, and two more are in intensive care. This was reported in the municipal emergency service.

“Despite numerous warnings about the dangers of swimming in such places, as well as calls for adults not to leave children unattended, municipal lifeguards are seeing massive disregard for the rules of safe recreation near the water.”– clarified in the MASS.

So, on June 11, a man born in 1990 drowned in a flooded quarry in the South-Western housing estate of Novosibirsk. On June 12, while swimming with friends in the lake behind the Ekran plant in the Kalininsky District, a teenager born in 2007 drowned. On the same day, two brothers, born in 2012 and 2013, rode bicycles to a flooded quarry in Soviet Siberia, where an accident occurred while swimming. Eyewitnesses took the children out of the water and handed them over to the ambulance team. Both…

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