North Korea tests new submarine nuclear weapon system

Yonhap: North Korea tests underwater nuclear-armed drone

The underwater drone was tested by the DPRK military as part of a test for the readiness of a new nuclear weapons system, Yonhap news agency reported, citing North Korean media.

Flag of the DPRK

Flag of the DPRK

Olga Shklyarova © IA REGNUM

The device launched on March 21 from the coast of Ywon County (Hamgyong-nam-do province). He moved at a depth of 80 to 150 meters in the Sea of ​​Japan for 59 hours and 12 minutes.

On March 23, the drone reached a target that simulated an enemy port in the waters of Hongwon Bay. According to journalists, these weapons are supposed to destroy groups of ships and provoke the emergence of a “massive radioactive tsunami.”

It is noted that the maneuvers were personally led by the leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un. In addition, during the tests, North Korea also launched two Hwasar-1 strategic cruise missiles and two Hwasar-2 missiles that carried dummy nuclear warheads.

As reported IA REGNUM, March 22 North Korea launched a cruise missile aimed at the Sea of ​​Japan. She flew 2000 km.


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