North Korea says it will consider U.S. attempt to shoot down its missile as a declaration of war

North Korea will consider the US attempt to shoot down its intercontinental missile during a test launch in the Pacific Ocean as a declaration of war. This was stated by the sister of the leader of the DPRK and deputy head of the department of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea Kim Yo-jong, her words are quoted by the Central News Agency of Korea (CTAC).

“It will be taken as a clear declaration of war by the DPRK if actions such as interception are taken with regard to our strategic weapons during their testing in a situation that does not pose a threat to the security of neighboring countries on the high seas and airspace outside American jurisdiction,”— said Kim Yo Jung.

She also said that in the event of an expansion of “demonstrative military actions” by the United States and South Korea, the DPRK will respond to this “by some means.” According to her, the actions of these countries in relation to North Korea “have reached an unacceptable limit and are moving in a very crazy direction.” Kim Yo Jung didn’t specify which drug she was talking about.

North Korea has launched three ballistic missiles since early 2023. On February 18, the country launched one intercontinental ballistic missile, and on February 20, two more. All of them fell outside the economic zone of Japan. Because of the launches, Japan has requested an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. On February 20, Kim Yo-jong announced that North Korea would continue to conduct launches. On February 24, the DPRK Foreign Ministry announced that they would consider further provocations by the United States and ignoring the protests of the North Korean side as a declaration of war.

About the situation around the launches of the DPRK – in the material “Kommersant” “Korean missiles opened an ocean of opportunities.”

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