North Korea confirms rocket launch on October 19


    A test launch of a submarine ballistic missile (SLBM) took place in the DPRK the day before, the North Korean agency TsTAK reported. The launch was made in the area of ​​the port year of Sinhpo. Earlier, South Korea and Japan announced the launch of shells from the DPRK into the Sea of ​​Japan.

    “The new SLBM will make a significant contribution to the development of defense technologies of our country and the operational capabilities of the submarine forces of the fleet,” – said the TsTAK (quoted by the South Korean news agency “Renhap”). According to him, the missile tests were successful.

    The missile test was the ninth of those that became known in 2021. In September, the DPRK announced a test of the Hwaseong-8 hypersonic missile. The October launch caused a protest from Japan.

    About the situation on the Korean Peninsula – in the material of “Kommersant” “The North shot back and opened up.”


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