Nord Stream AG suggested what caused the pressure drop on the Nord Stream lines

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Nord Stream 2

On the night of September 27, a significant pressure drop caused by a gas leak on both strings of the gas pipeline was most likely due to physical damage at sites in Denmark and Sweden. The operator informed about this on the official website of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline.

“Nord Stream AG immediately informed the relevant coast guard authorities of the incident. The positions of the two alleged damages have been identified and are located northeast of Bornholm in the Swedish and Danish EEZs respectively,” the operator noted. It is noted that at present, the maritime authorities of Sweden and Denmark have established a 5-mile security zone around these places.

Earlier, the gas pipeline operator Nord Stream AG reported that the pressure on both strings of Nord Stream had dropped significantly. The German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, citing its own sources, wrote that this could have happened as a result of sabotage.


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