“No more diplomatic games”: how Russia entered an acute phase of confrontation with the West


After the resignation of the Italian prime minister, Rome may somewhat slow down the increase in pressure on Russia, but there is no talk of its complete cessation. Such an opinion FAN political scientist said Andrey Ivanov.

Trojan horse

The European Union fears that after the resignation of the prime minister Mario Draghi Italy can take a pro-Russian position and become Russia’s “Trojan horse” in Europe. A columnist wrote about this in an article for the Spanish newspaper Pais Bernard de Miguel.

Fabio Ferrari/LaPresse
Fabio Ferrari/LaPresse

The author of the material explained that Brussels looks at Italy with apprehension, as it understands the serious dependence of Rome on Russian energy resources. In his opinion, with the resignation of Draghi, the European Union was left without support, and Ukraine without a devoted ally.

Confrontation phase

As Andrei Ivanov noted, today we must finally get rid of the illusion that the West can split. All these talks of recent years, such as the construction that Germany could go against the will of Brussels, or France, turned out to be completely groundless.

“Russia today is opposed by the collective West, and this must be accepted as a fact. Unfortunately, in Russian society there is a misunderstanding of world processes, but so it is in Western society. Americans, Europeans are one civilization. And at the same time, Russians and Ukrainians are one people. There may be different twists and turns in history, but in the end, these formulas cannot be avoided. Yes, now Italy can somewhat slow down the increase in pressure on Russia,” Andrey Ivanov explained.

globallookpress.com/Kay Nietfeld/dpa
globallookpress.com/Kay Nietfeld/dpa

But, the expert noted, in general, Rome will never go against the will of the entire West. Yes, Germany is playing its game, as is the UK, as is Poland. Each country has its own interests. Yes, Russia traditionally has better relations with France than with Great Britain.

“But now we see an acute phase of confrontation. There are no more diplomatic games and intrigues, there are exactly two opposing camps. And this must be understood, and not be in a state of empty hope for some unexpected twists of fate, ”concluded Andrey Ivanov.

At the same time, the Western media hide the truth about Russia’s success in Ukraine, wishful thinking. Various Western publications are trying to exaggerate the capabilities of the Ukrainian armed forces. With regard to Russia, the media in the West have a different approach.


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