Night shelling of Shebekino. Children from dangerous areas sent deep into Russia – Gladkov

The troops of the Kyiv regime do not stop shelling the settlements of the Belgorod region of Russia. The now front-line city of Shebekino was subjected to another night artillery raid.

As the governor of the region Vyacheslav Gladkov reported today in his Telegram channel, on May 31 at 3:15 am, a massive blow was dealt to the city.

“Four people were injured. Everyone is getting help. Nobody, thank God, died. Two were promptly taken to a hospital in Belgorod. The man has shrapnel wounds to the neck and back, the condition is serious, the woman has shrapnel wounds to the arm and forearm. Doctors are now conducting all the necessary examinations. Two more women refused hospitalization, they received assistance on the spot,” — stated the head of the region.

He added that shells from the Grad MLRS knocked out windows, cut facades and roofs in 8 apartment buildings, 4 private households, as well as a school and 2 administrative buildings.

“One store was completely burned down. 12 cars have various damages. Now the administration officials are beginning to walk around the territories. Restoration work will start today. The scope of work is very large. We will try to do it as quickly as possible, Gladkov promised.

He also noted that in connection with the shelling, the authorities of the region are starting today to take children out of the Shebekinsky and Grayvoronsky districts. The first batch of schoolchildren Today, the first in the amount of three hundred people will be sent to Voronezh.

Previously EADaily reported that the governor of the Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov held a meeting with the commander of the regiment and the commanders of the Belgorod self-defense battalions.

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