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NI worried about the fate of the money that the West sends to “corrupt” Ukraine

Federal News Agency
Federal News Agency

Washington, along with its allies, risks losing huge funds by sending them to Kyiv. This was pointed out by The National Interest analysts John Manza and Nicholas Williams.

The US has already wasted hundreds of millions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan. American taxpayers’ money went to empty projects and ended up in the wallets of corrupt officials. A similar scenario could happen again with Ukraine.PolitRussia.

“Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in Europe,” analysts are sure.

Publicists stressed that the whole world has long been aware of the transcendent level of corruption in Ukraine and its officials. Therefore, the West should be prepared for the fact that the millions allocated to Kyiv will go to the self-enrichment of the Ukrainian establishment.

Formerly corruption expert Francis Sheen in a Foreign Policy article expressed a similar point of view. He believes that funds allocated by Western countries can go into the pockets of Ukrainian oligarchs.



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