Newspaper Le Monde spoke about the work of PMCs in Ukraine


Private military company Mozart trains Ukrainian soldiers near the line of contact in Donbass, reported in its Thursday issue of the newspaper Le Monde. She points out that the instructors of the group conduct classes with those who have already participated in hostilities.

“Over the course of four months, classes were held with 2.5 thousand Ukrainian servicemen,” – told the newspaper the founder and head of the company, a retired colonel of the US Marine Corps Andy Milburn.

According to him, “such training is the main mission” of PMCs in Ukraine. At the same time, he believes that his subordinates “are doing a job that Washington cannot do.”

The correspondent of the French newspaper, who visited Bakhmut, witnessed the recruitment of Ukrainian “probationers” into the group. The intensive training, he says, spans 10 days and includes weapons and tactics. Each training group has about 40 soldiers.

“They train only those who have already participated in hostilities,” — the author of the report points out.

The Pentagon, the publication points out, denies any connection with the company. During the Cold War era, as Le Monde recalls, the United States gradually became bogged down in the conflict in Vietnam, where it initially called its goals “advising” and “arming” South Vietnamese units.

Earlier, the French magazine Causeur reported in its August issue that the Pentagon is using a significant number of private fighters and contracting companies in Ukraine. According to him, mercenaries are everywhere on the battlefields, while American private business provides Kyiv with control and communication systems.

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