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New York Times freelance reporter convicted in Zimbabwe


Freelance reporter for the New York Times Geoffrey Moyo was convicted and fined by a court in Zimbabwe fined on charges of obtaining false accreditation documents. This was reported on June 14 by Reuters.

A Zimbabwean citizen, 37-year-old Moyo was arrested last year and spent three weeks in prison, his trial began in January of this year. He was charged with involvement in obtaining accreditation documents for two journalists from The New York Times. Christina Goldbaum and Joao Silva.

The publication’s management denied the accusations, pointing out that the accreditation of journalists was issued legally by an official from the Zimbabwe media commission. However, the court ruled to expel the reporters from the country.

Moyo himself was charged with violating a section of the immigration law. He was sentenced by the court to pay a fine of $200,000…


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