New York State teacher arrested for raping 13-year-old

    Photo by formstock
    Photo by formstock

    Law enforcement officials in the US state of New York have arrested teacher Christina M. Bellinger for raping a 13-year-old teenager. The woman worked as an inclusive education teacher at Jonestown School, according to Law & Crime.

    The child molester was arrested thanks to a joint investigation by the county police, the New York State Medical Examiner’s Center and District Attorney Lorraine Dimon. The young man himself spoke about an intimate relationship with a 39-year-old teacher. The assault on the boy’s sexual integrity took place in 2019 when Christina Bellinger was teaching from home and was able to communicate with the victim without witnesses.

    After the publicity of the story, the woman was sent on indefinite leave. The court assigned the teacher a $15,000 bail, which she paid and was released. The investigation into the incident continues.


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