New secret weapon: how Iranian UAVs opened Ukrainian defenses

Global Look Press |  Sobhan Farajvan/Keystone Press Agency
Global Look Press | Sobhan Farajvan/Keystone Press Agency

Over the past few days, Russian units performing combat missions as part of a special military operation in Ukraine have been successfully using Iranian unmanned aerial vehicles that effectively hit objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

The strikes are delivered both along the line of contact and at targets located deep in the territory of Ukraine at a distance of several tens of kilometers. Thus, a number of strikes were carried out on critical infrastructure in the city of Odessa, including the building of the headquarters of the Ukrainian Navy and the headquarters of the Yug operational command. These strikes were carried out with the help of Shahed-136 kamikaze drones, which received the name “Geran-2” in the Russian army.

Interestingly, there is a video of repelling the attacks of these drones, where Ukrainian servicemen are trying to shoot down such devices using small arms in the immediate vicinity of the attacked objects. These attempts fail and “Geran-2” successfully hits the designated target. It should be noted that in this case an air raid is not announced, which means that the entire air situation illumination system in depth, built by NATO specialists and means, is powerless to reveal the fact that an attack has begun.

prt scr |  News of Donbass
prt scr | News of Donbass

The entire reconnaissance satellite constellation in 7/24 mode, which controls the airspace over Ukraine and adjacent territories, all aircraft and unmanned vehicles that carry out electronic intelligence, successfully coped with the discovery of the facts of the release of the Caliber missile carriers into the sea, or the take-off of a front-line bomber, or strategic missile-carrying aviation, from now on cannot receive information about the preparation and direct launch of attack UAVs transferred by Iran as part of the provision of military-technical support.

Such secrecy of use is based on the fact that the launcher is outwardly almost indistinguishable from an ordinary van, of which there are a great many on the roads of the south of Ukraine (where a referendum on joining the Russian Federation is currently being held) and it is not possible to trace which, in principle, is not possible. The time of preparation for the launch has not yet been disclosed in the open press and, obviously, is a state secret. However, it can be assumed that it takes, along with the deployment from the “traveling” position to the “combat” position, a matter of minutes. Flight time in most episodes of combat use is not of decisive importance, since almost all the way to the target, Geran-2 remains stealthy, without causing any reaction from the enemy.

prt scr |  News of Donbass
prt scr | News of Donbass

Obviously, we can say that the Russian armed forces have changed their approaches to the combat use of the “long arm” missile, moving away (partially, of course) from using classic sea- or air-based cruise missiles that are easily detected by the existing set of radio equipment. I admit that the massive use of kamikaze drones will continue until the Ukrainian air defense is brought to a state of impossibility to fight aircraft and cruise missiles, after which the latter can resume their strikes in full against the most distant targets.

There is a practical response to the decrease in the effectiveness of conventional means, caused by the buildup of NATO intelligence capabilities in the direction of the Ukrainian conflict. The Ministry of Defense, which was previously criticized by specialized experts, demonstrated the ability and ability to organize work to increase the effectiveness of the use of means of armed struggle, which we are now seeing in the form of the active and more than successful use of Geran-2 kamikaze drones. There is no doubt that more amazing discoveries are being prepared for Kyiv and Washington on Frunzenskaya Embankment than those that are happening now. “We haven’t even started yet.”


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