It is expected that smartwatches will acquire this option along with the release of the watchOS 7 version. Insider came from analyst John Prosser.

He says that in the updated OS for watches, Apple will place a strong emphasis on monitoring the mental state of users. will be able to register panic attacks not only in fact, but also a little ahead of time. That is, the gadget will also learn to warn people about an impending attack.

According to experts, the update will come under the pretext of providing greater security for fans of Apple. As a case, Prosser cited the example of a man driving. Say, if the user finds out about an impending , he will leave the road and stop the car in order to wait out in a safe environment.

The analyst hopes that the described function will be presented already at the nearest WWDC along with watchOS 7. However, he does not exclude that Apple will delay it until next year. However, what Prosser certainly does not doubt is that the new Apple smartwatch will be released this year with a blood oxygen level sensor.