New package of assistance to Ukraine from the EU will combine grants and loans


    Politico: the EU has prepared a new package of financial assistance to Ukraine for 8 billion euros

    The European Commission has developed a new package of financial assistance to Ukraine for eight billion euros. It will combine grants and loans, the paper said. Politico.

    The document prepared the field of Germany’s refusal to provide the Ukrainian authorities with loan guarantees in the amount of up to nine billion euros. The Germans decided that it would be better to provide a country mired in debt with grants.

    The new scheme involves the allocation of up to five billion euros to Ukraine as long-term loans. Guarantees for them will be given by the EU countries in accordance with their contribution to the EU budget. From the latter they want to subsidize interest payments.

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    The remaining amount, according to sources, will be given to the Ukrainian authorities in the form of grants.

    The United States has planned to allocate another package of weapons to Ukraine for a record amount of a billion dollars. It should include ammunition for HIMARS, NASAMS air defense systems and up to 50 armored M113s. US President Joe Biden has not yet signed a document approving the delivery.

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