Home News New military exercises started in Belarus

New military exercises started in Belarus


In Belarus, from June 14 to June 16, a command and staff exercise will be held with military authorities, military units and logistics organizations. This was announced today, June 14, in the press service of the Belarusian Ministry of Defense.

The press service of the department noted that the exercises will be held to improve “the coherence of the military command and control of logistics in the management of subordinate forces and means in the performance of logistics tasks.” They are also designed to “increase the level of training of military command and control bodies, military units and logistics organizations on issues of ensuring the sustainable functioning of the logistics support system and the survivability of rear units and facilities.”

In addition, as part of the events, practical skills training for rear servicemen in a constantly changing environment will take place. The exercises will be headed by the Deputy Minister of Defense for Logistics, Chief of Logistics of the Armed Forces of Belarus, Major General Andrei Burdyko.

Recall that a variety of military exercises have been held in Belarus over the past months. On May 4, a sudden check of the reaction forces began in the country, which continues to this day. In particular, in early June in Pinsk, paratroopers practiced overcoming water obstacles in urban conditions.


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