New Features of WhatsApp Android app can be found soon Fingerprint Authentication!

WhatsApp Android app can be found soon Fingerprint Authentication!: There is always a concern in those who use WhatsApp. Someone else can not read their private chat. It has been learned that the world’s most popular messaging app is ready to bring fingerprint authentication feature at What’sapp. This will protect the user’s private chat. Once activated, the user will need authentication to open the app every time. Recently, the Facebook-owned instant messaging service came to know about the possibility of bringing this feature to the iPhone. Both biometric authentication methods will work in the iPhone – Face ID and Touch ID It appears that this feature will not be limited to just iPhone. Android users will get fingerprint authentication, but no face recognition.

According to WABetaInfo, this feature is currently underway. It has been made part of Whatsapp Android’s beta app 2.19.3. This feature will be disabled in default.

According to the report, “With working on Face ID and TouchID authentication on iOS, WhatsApp has already made this feature a part of the Android platform, fingerprint authentication will be available on this platform.”

The fingerprint authentication feature will appear in the app under Settings> Account> Privacy.

After the fingerprint feature is activated, it will be very difficult to see your WhatsApp through another person. If seen, phones which are already protected from fingerprint authentication. For them, this feature is not very useful.

The report states, “The user will have to identify himself for opening WhatsApp (from app icon, notifications and external pickers), which will protect the whole app. This feature is not used to protect a particular chat window Can go. “

The report says that this feature will be available in the future for all Android users who use Android Marshmallow or any subsequent Android version of the phone.

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