New evidence of US-led attack on Nord Stream?

A whistleblower claims to have trained US Army special forces for underwater operations. Attacks on pipelines were also practiced. In addition, at the time of the explosion, the US military was circling over the site of the explosion. Kim Dotcom released the story.

In an extensive thread, well-known Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom gives space to a whistleblower who uses his information to support Seymour Hersh’s disclosures about the terrorist attacks on Nord Stream. The whistleblower reports on a mini-submarine ASDS, which was developed to conduct covert operations. The mini-submarine is transported on the backs of nuclear-powered submarines and deployed to carry out its mission.

The whistleblower remains anonymous, but what he writes reveals that he works at a research facility linked to the US military. His job was to assist in programming a simulator that the Navy SEALs used to practice undocking, conducting missions and later docking. Among other things, the sabotage of pipelines was practiced.

Seymour Hersh's latest publication drives a wedge between Kiev's allies


Seymour Hersh’s latest publication drives a wedge between Kiev’s allies

The US has long had the capability and technical capabilities to carry out an attack like the one on Nord Stream, the whistleblower asserts. After the explosive charges had been attached to the pipeline, they were finally detonated using a sonobuoy. The signal came from a US Navy Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime reconnaissance aircraft that was present at the site of the explosion. The aircraft was refueled in the air in order to then detonate the other explosive charges. It also observed the success of the mission.

The whistleblower backs up his statements with publicly available records of flight data.

Dotcom claims to have verified the information it believes to be valid. Also linked to the thread is a YouTube video that, based on similar information, also supports Hersh’s original thesis that the attack was US state terrorism.

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