Nebenzya accused Denmark, Germany and Sweden of “covering up their tracks” in the investigation of the Nord Stream bombing

Denmark, Germany and Sweden are “covering their tracks” and “shielding” the United States in the investigation of the Nord Stream bombing, Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya said at a meeting of the Security Council on this issue. In his opinion, the motive, perpetrator and method of sabotage “are beyond doubt.” The US representative at the meeting stated that his country was not involved in sabotage, and the Chinese diplomat said that such statements were not enough.

Russia convened a meeting of the UN Security Council after the publication of an investigation by journalist Seymour Hersh about undermining the Nord Stream. According to the author, the United States is behind this. Washington denies this.

“Those investigations that the Scandinavian states and Germany are conducting are not just non-transparent, but, as is already quite obvious, are aimed solely at covering their tracks and shielding the older American brother. We are not allowed to see them, all our requests are arrogantly ignored,” said Mr. Nebenzya. The meeting was broadcast on site UN.

The Russian diplomat believes that those responsible for the sabotage should compensate for the damage. In his opinion, if the perpetrators of undermining the Nord Streams are not found and if they are not punished, then the world may enter an era in which “cross-border and transcontinental communications will become a legitimate target for operations aimed at weakening certain states – an era of chaos and unthinkable damage to all mankind.

In addition, Vasily Nebenzya noted that the investigation into Nord Stream was conducted by Seymour Hersh, a Pulitzer Prize winner. “His previous professional experience and impeccable journalistic reputation leave no doubt that the American journalist is telling the truth,” the diplomat added.

Zhang Jun, Permanent Representative of China to the UN, supported the holding of an international investigation under the auspices of the UN at the meeting. According to Beijing, sabotage hit energy security. The Chinese diplomat believes that without an investigation, “the wrong signal will be given to those who have intentions to carry out sabotage.” “They will think they can get away with it,” Zhang Jun said. “The mere statement that this is a complete lie and a complete fiction is obviously not enough to answer the many questions and concerns that have arisen around the world,” he added.

At the same time, UN Deputy Secretary General Rosemary DiCarlo said at the meeting that the organization cannot conduct its own investigation. She urged the parties to refrain from speculation and unfounded accusations.

The explosions at Nord Stream 1 and the non-commissioned Nord Stream 2 occurred in September 2022. No one claimed responsibility for the sabotage.

About the ambiguous reputation of Seymour Hersh – in the publication “Kommersant” “The journalist who shouted too often:” CIA! “.


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