Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan, has been named in a drug case. NCB had detained Aryan during the raid on the Mumbai-Goa cruise, after which he has also been arrested. Apart from Aryan, 2 more people have also been arrested in the drugs case. Amidst all this, big information is also coming out about Aryan Khan’s WhatsApp chat in media reports. Due to which the case against Aryan has become even stronger.

great information from phone

Aryan Khan was also present on the cruise during NCB’s raid on Saturday night. After which he was taken into custody and interrogated. According to a News18 report, during the inquiry with Aryan Khan, his WhatsApp chat was also investigated. According to the report, it has come out from the phone that Aryan was regularly ordering drugs and was also consuming. Due to all this information, the case against him became stronger and Aryan was arrested.

what is the whole matter

NCB officials had received a tip about having a rave party on the cruise. After which it was found during the operation that drugs were being used in this party indiscriminately. In this party, NCB officials had arrived as a passenger. At the same time, after this, a total of 8 people were detained from there and after that the matter of arrest of 3 people including Aryan Khan came to light. It is being told that arrest has been made against these people by registering a case under section 8C, 20B, 27, 35.

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