Nazi crimes in Stalingrad can be recognized as genocide in Russia

Russian authorities want to classify crimes committed by the Nazi occupiers in Stalingrad as genocide. The application was submitted by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Volgograd region on Friday. According to estimates, more than 130,000 people fell victim to the foreign rule of the Nazis.

Russian authorities want to recognize crimes committed by German Nazis and their accomplices in Stalingrad during World War II as genocide. The prosecutor of the Volgograd region submitted the relevant application to the regional court on Friday. A statement on the website of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office states that the crimes in question are known and newly identified crimes that were committed in the occupied territory in and around Stalingrad between July 1942 and February 1943. Offenses committed by German occupiers are to be classified as war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide by Soviet residents.

"Annoying fixation on Russia" – ZEIT settles accounts with the German view of history


“Annoying fixation on Russia” – ZEIT settles accounts with the German view of history

The focus of the application is the protection of Russia’s national interests, the rights and interests of family members of the victims and the restoration of historical justice. In addition, the international community is informed about the casualties of the occupation during the Second World War.

In support of its application, the Attorney General’s office cites numerous examples of the crimes committed by Nazi troops. From the first days of the occupation, they began plundering what was then Stalingrad Oblast. All supplies of grain, livestock and poultry were confiscated for Hitler’s army. Any attempts to stop the occupiers from committing these atrocities were severely repressed, including beatings, torture and executions.

In addition, the civilian population was forced to work. The occupation authorities transported more than 64,000 Soviet citizens to Germany and other European countries or to concentration camps for forced labor. Most of them lost contact with their family members during what the public prosecutor’s office calls the mass abductions, and many died. Over 20,000 Soviet soldiers captured by the Nazis during the fierce fighting suffered in 47 camps in the region in substandard conditions. They were also subjected to torture, beatings and executions. The total number of victims of the Nazi occupation amounts to more than 130,000 people. Significant material damage was inflicted on the Stalingrad region – amounting to over 17 trillion rubles (equivalent to about 195 billion euros).

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