Naval News: The appearance of the new Russian submarine surprised Western experts

MOD Russia/via
MOD Russia/via

On the sidelines of the Army-2022 international forum, the Russian design bureau Rubin presented a draft of the latest Arktur submarine, which has a very unusual appearance.

Such information was shared by the American military expert H.I. Sutton for Naval News. PolitRussia presents an exclusive retelling of the article.

“Most striking is the design, the Arcturus has an angular outer hull with sloping sides and flowing lines. She has cheekbones that run along the entire side, reminiscent of modern stealth aircraft, ”the American expert notes.

Sutton also said that the submarine will have ultra-low radar visibility and carry 12 missiles as the main armament.

Recently TV channel RT announced that the Alrosa submarine, which had been modernized, would return to the Russian fleet.


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