NATO Secretary General made predictions about the end of the conflict in Ukraine


March 23, 2023, 03:25

NATO Secretary General urged Western countries to prepare for a protracted conflict in Ukraine

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The West must be prepared for the fact that the conflict in Ukraine will drag on for a long time. About this British newspaper The Guardian NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said. He said that he makes such forecasts due to the fact that there are no prospects for resolving the situation yet.

According to the Secretary General of the alliance, the Russian authorities so far “do not plan to establish peace.” In this regard, Stoltenberg called on Western countries to increase military production capacity in order to continue supplying the Armed Forces with ammunition and weapons.

β€œAt the Vilnius summit in July, I expect the allies to agree to commit themselves to bolder new defense investments β€” at least 2% of their GDP,” he said.

The Secretary General said that Ukraine today spends much more ammunition than its Western partners produce, but this is not enough. He cited as an example that the Armed Forces of Ukraine spend from four to seven thousand shells a day, while Russia spends 20 thousand.

Stoltenberg noted that the aid supplied by the North Atlantic Alliance is aimed at conducting a counteroffensive by Ukraine. At the same time, he reiterated that NATO is not a party to the conflict.

With this opinion, the Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament Laszlo Kever thinks otherwise. He said that after sending $60 billion worth of military equipment to Ukraine, NATO can be safely called a party to the conflict.


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