NATO fears tests of Russian Poseidon nuclear torpedo – La Repubblica

NATO intelligence has informed the command of the military bloc that Russia is preparing to test the Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle.

This is reported by the Italian newspaper on October 2 La Repubblica, referring to the report of the special services of the alliance. It indicates the movements of the Belgorod multi-purpose nuclear submarine (NPS) in the Kara Sea.

NATO experts suggest that it is there that test launches of a nuclear drone can take place and make predictions regarding the future actions of the submarine cruiser.

“Now he has returned to dive into the Arctic seas, and there are fears that his mission is to test the Poseidon super torpedo, often called the “weapon of the Apocalypse,” for the first time. – writes the publication.

The authors of the material state that Poseidon can generate a radioactive tsunami that can wipe out metropolitan areas such as New York or Los Angeles.

At the same time, the attack cannot be prevented, since the satellites with infrared sensors that the United States has at its disposal are not able to see what is happening in the depths of the sea.

Acoustics are also useless, since the developers of Poseidon created it to be silent. Plus, it radiates little heat and moves at speeds of over 100 kilometers per hour.

The multi-purpose nuclear submarine “Belgorod” is an analogue of the “Kursk”. Especially for the Poseidon system, the project was named 09852. The submarine was launched in April 2019. In July of this year, the nuclear submarine was handed over to the Russian Navy.

The ship can be equipped with six “Poseidons”, considered “doomsday weapons” and capable of hitting almost all coastal areas of the United States.

This combat system is capable of hitting large coastal and sea targets with powerful thermonuclear warheads – from squadrons of ships to naval bases, coastal territories and megacities. According to experts, the explosion of a megaton charge in coastal waters can create a new Panama Canal in place of a particular area.

Previously EADaily reported that the transfer to the Russian Navy of the Belgorod nuclear submarine (NPS), carrying Poseidon nuclear unmanned underwater vehicles, was an important step for Moscow in confronting Washington.

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