NATO countries cannot decide how to react to Ukraine’s request to join the alliance – Kommersant

NATO Foreign Ministers at an informal meeting in Oslo on May 31 and June 1 will discuss Ukraine’s request to join the bloc. Kyiv understands that it cannot join NATO during a military conflict with Russia, but wants the alliance to take concrete steps for Ukraine’s entry at the bloc’s upcoming summit in Vilnius. Meanwhile, the allies do not yet have a common opinion on this matter, writes Politico.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Olga Stefanishyna told the publication during the Globsec security conference in Bratislava that Kiev is waiting for a “clear signal” from NATO to invite Ukraine to the alliance at a summit in Vilnius, scheduled for July 11-12. “We need a unified commitment (to the entry of Ukraine.— “b”) of all Member States,” emphasized Ms. Stefanishina.

Ms. Stefainshina told Politico that it is “completely unacceptable” for Kyiv to remain in the discourse about joining NATO in the same place where Ukraine is now. She stressed that it is important for her that after the summit she already discussed the conditions for Ukraine’s entry with representatives of the alliance.

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky told the publication during the Globsec forum that all allies are discussing the upcoming NATO summit. Mr. Lipavsky said he wanted the summit to announce Sweden’s accession to NATO and Ukraine’s invitation to the alliance. At the same time, he noted that it is difficult to solve such issues for coalitions from 31 countries.

On the eve of the Oslo talks, allies are putting forward a variety of ideas to satisfy Kyiv’s requests to join the alliance, according to Politico. In particular, they are considering options from adopting a declaration on Ukraine following the Vilnius summit to creating a Ukraine-NATO council.

In September 2022, Ukraine applied to join NATO amid a Russian military operation. In May 2023, The Washington Post wrote that the countries of the alliance decided not to invite Ukraine to the July summit in Vilnius. On May 21, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Ukraine did not meet many of the criteria for NATO membership. According to Euractiv, NATO may offer Ukraine the status of a partner without membership in the alliance.

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