National Security and Defense Council to publish instructions in case Russia uses nuclear weapons – Danilov

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The NSDC apparatus will soon publish instructions in case the Russian Federation uses nuclear weapons.

This was announced by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexei Danilov in Radio Liberty commentsreports Ukrinform.

“We are talking about tactical weapons. If they are used, there are certain procedures today. We have a developed instruction in the NSDC apparatus, which we will try to make public as much as possible in the coming days,” he said.

At the same time, Danilov noted that nuclear states have committed themselves to preventing the use of nuclear weapons.

“This is the responsibility of every nuclear country,” he said.

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The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council stressed that Russia’s threats would encourage other non-nuclear countries to create “dirty bombs” to protect themselves from “crazy neighbors.”

“When Russians today start rattling nuclear weapons in front of the world, the number of so-called bombs will appear exponentially. For no country will be protected from a crazy neighbor. This so-called dirty bomb is not such a difficult task,” he stressed.

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According to Danilov, despite everything, Ukraine will defend its land. “If there is no civilized response from the world community, NATO countries to such a daring attack, if it happens, this does not mean that we will not defend our land. We will not be stopped by Putin’s troops,” he summed up.

As Ukrinform reported, Danilov said that the tasks of de-occupying Ukraine and defragmenting Russia would be completed according to plans and schedules.

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