National Guardsmen during the counter-offensive in the Izyum direction captured 15 Russians

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During the counter-offensive in the Izyum direction, the National Guardsmen captured 15 Russian military men, including two majors.

About this in Telegram The press service of the National Guard of Ukraine reported, Ukrinform reports.

“During the counter-offensive in the Izyum direction, the military personnel of the National Guard of Ukraine “demilitarized” and captured 15 military of the Russian Federation, including 2 majors,” the report says.

The National Guard also released a video of the battle and the capture of enemies.

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It is noted that the Ukrainian military continues to liberate the settlements of the Kharkiv region from the Russians.

As reported, the Ukrainian military in early September conducted an effective counteroffensive on Izyum and liberated it from the invaders.

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