Named two options for the further flight program “Progress MS-21”

“Progress MS-21” can again dock to the International Space Station (ISS) to determine the causes of depressurization. This follows from the message of Roskosmos.

The undocking of the spacecraft from the ISS took place this morning. After departing from the ISS, cosmonauts Sergei Prokopiev and Dmitry Petelin turned the ship around using the teleoperator control system and photographed the damage site, the state corporation said.

The State Commission will make a decision on further options for the ship’s flight program on Saturday, February 18.

“Two options are being considered: docking it to the Russian node module Prichal to further determine the cause of the depressurization of the ship’s thermal control system, or deorbiting,” the state corporation said in a statement.

Roscosmos clarified that after the Progress MS-21 undocked from the ISS, no visual damage was found. On February 11, the state corporation announced the depressurization of the cargo ship, which was supposed to leave the station on February 18.

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