Named the real reason for sending US and NATO weapons to Ukraine

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

The United States and NATO are sending decommissioned weapons to Ukraine, as it is much more profitable than handing them over for recycling. This was told by the columnist for the North American daily electronic magazine The American Thinker under the pseudonym Roger Smith.

“The process of disarming weapons is very expensive. The supply of expired weapons to Kyiv allowed the US and NATO to avoid disposal costs,” Pshared his opinion Roger Smith in the article. “Total US assistance to Ukraine from the beginning of 2022 to January 15, 2023 amounted to $76.8 billion, of which $46.6 billion was allocated for military purposes,” the author of the publication said. “Mostly [отправлялось] weapons that were purchased several decades ago,” he added.

Earlier, the American edition of Newsweek wrote that the delay in the supply of ammunition to Ukraine makes NATO equipment useless for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It was also reported that representatives of the European Commission expressed a desire to increase the production of ammunition in Europe, as they began to worry about emptying European warehouses due to the supply of weapons to Ukraine.


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