Named the cheapest car in Russia “off the assembly line” in 2023 |  RG72/CC BY-SA 4.0 | RG72/CC BY-SA 4.0

Experts from the publication Men Today found out which new car in 2023 is considered the most budgetary to buy.

And the most economical option for a car enthusiast will be Lada Granta Classic ’22. Its cost is only 692 thousand rubles, which makes it a favorite in the list of budget cars.

Since the car entered the market at the time of the introduction of sanctions against automakers from Russia, the equipment had to be simplified, and the cost fell by 50 thousand rubles. Lada has lost airbags for the driver, air conditioning, audio system and a number of other functions familiar to us.

They were able to leave the spare wheel, electric lifts, power steering and on-board computer.

Earlier it became known that the ex-Nissan plant in St. Petersburg will start operating under the Lada brand from June 14.


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