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Scientists talked about a diet that allows you to quickly and effectively reduce cholesterol levels. This site told CNN.

Vegan and vegetarian plant-based diets are recognized as the best for getting rid of excess cholesterol, because studies show that the risk of cardiovascular disease in these categories of people is reduced by 7%.

The transition to a plant-based diet should be smooth. Give up your favorite foods gradually, because the body will begin to experience severe stress and malaise due to a lack of the necessary elements. Separately, it is worth limiting dishes fried in oil and deep-fried, for example, french fries and falafel.

If adaptation to the new diet does not occur, then you should consult a doctor and look for other methods to lower cholesterol.

Separately, scientists note that the performance of each subject was different, since everything is purely individual.

Previously, doctors found out how much bread is considered safe for consumption.


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