Myasnikov: vaccines do not protect against COVID mutations

Vaccination of employees of the Stalmost plant.  Kurgan, syringe, vaccine, vaccination

Vaccination against coronavirus helps to avoid a severe course of the disease, but does not stop the spread of infection in the population when new strains appear. This was stated in a conversation with URA.RU by the head physician of the Zhadkevich hospital, TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov.

“Today, vaccination can still protect against a severe scenario, but neither antibodies to Omicron, with which a person has already been ill, protect against a new mutation, nor a vaccine. At least to the extent that we would like to hope. This is recognized by all international medical organizations,” said Alexander Myasnikov.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, Omicron itself now poses a danger only to risk groups. “COVID has degenerated into Omicron, a common cold, and does not pose a great danger. It poses a danger to the elderly. The risk factor is not like Delta, however. I believe that it is necessary to vaccinate people from risk groups, ”the doctor said. Myasnikov added that vaccinating children against COVID is not as important as representatives of more vulnerable groups.

Earlier, the headquarters for combating COVID-19 reported that on August 11, 25,815 cases of coronavirus were detected in Russia. This figure is the highest since March 25. Also, a new type of COVID, Deltacron, has been identified in the country.

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