Myasnikov called the gross error when measuring pressure


Chief Physician of the City Clinical Hospital No. 71 named after M. Ye. Zhadkevich Alexander Myasnikov - 1920, 23.10.2021

MOSCOW, 23 October – When measuring pressure, the tonometer will show incorrect numbers if the cuff is tightened too tightly, said doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov on the air of the TV channel “Russia 1”
“Not very much. If you overtighten the cuff, then your pressure will show more than it is,” the medic explained.
Myasnikov advised to put on the cuff in such a way that its edge was two to three centimeters above the elbow joint. In this case, the tube should be on the inside of the arm, and a finger should fit between the cuff and the arm.
The hand should be positioned so that it is at the level of the heart, otherwise, the device will also show values ​​higher than they are.
According to Myasnikov, in a healthy person, normal arterial parameters are 119 to 79, and in those who suffer from chronic diseases – 125-139 to 80.


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