“My wife just moved out.” Neighbor – about a family from Petrozavodsk, where a father killed a three-year-old son

March 31, 2023, 21:16

Investigative Committee opened a case after the murder of a child and the death of his father in Petrozavodsk

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In Petrozavodsk, a father killed his three-year-old son, and then committed suicide. A neighbor of the family suggested in an interview with 360 that conflicts between spouses became the cause of the incident. Recently, the wife of the deceased moved out from him.

“We were neighbors for several years, and I can’t say anything like that about them. A family is like a family – father, mother, son. Perhaps there were some conflicts, but so that the whole house could hear them – this was not the case. I can’t say if it was planned in advance. But I know that some time ago, his wife moved out of him to another apartment, ”said the woman.

On March 29, a resident of Petrozavodsk, returning home, found the bodies of her husband and three-year-old son. The child was in a bath of water. Investigators opened a criminal case on murder.

As Inna Taratunina, senior assistant to the head of the TFR department for Karelia, told 360, the motives for the act of the father who killed his son are still unknown. The exact cause of the boy’s death should be established by an examination – whether it was drowning or strangulation.

Investigators have already examined the scene, appointed the necessary forensic examinations.

“All necessary measures are being taken to establish the circumstances of the incident,” the UK stressed.


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