Mutko called premature the possible transition of the RFU to the Asian Football Confederation

The transition of the Russian Football Union to the Asian Football Confederation would be premature. This opinion was expressed by the former Minister of Sports, ex-president of the RFU Vitaly Mutko.

“In my opinion, the transition to the ACF is premature. Why do we need to go there if the federations are trying to get to Europe from there? The level of football there is completely different,” quotes his words “Sport-Express”.

At the same time, according to Mutko, this question should be answered in the management of the RFU, who need to come to the fore and talk about the vision of the situation, and not hide, because everything depends only on them.

The ex-minister of sports considers the removal of Russia itself to be absolutely politicized, which the previous generation of world sports leaders would never have done. Russian functionaries are now faced with the task of doing everything to ensure that football remains competitive at least within the country, and the national team must gather and play, Mutko is sure.


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