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Solapur: In the city of Solapur, a Muslim youth has been brutally beaten by a gang on suspicion of love jihad. This incident took place on March 1, 2023 in the Employment Chowk area of ​​Solapur. The Muslim youth’s name is Mujahid Pathan (30 years old, Ra-Solapur) and he is being treated in a private hospital. Due to being knocked down and trampled on, the ribs in the chest are seriously injured and due to beatings on the face and ears with kicks, the ear is bleeding. He has been severely beaten saying you are a Muslim, what is your relationship with a Hindu girl. Also, the victim Hindu girl has also been forced to give false information to her relatives about her daughter’s immoral relationship.

The victim has taken the side of the Muslim youth and informed that our relationship is not immoral, but a family and brother-sister relationship. Also, many Hindu women in the society come in contact with Muslim citizens, youth for some reason or the other, for some work. The victim’s daughter has given a social message that she should not be seen as having love jihad or other immoral relationships. At the same time, the victim has informed that she has filed a written application in the Sadar Bazar police station against the Hindu organizations who were beating me because a Muslim youth was sitting and talking to her.

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Family relationship between victim’s daughter and Muslim youth for many years

The victim girl and the Muslim youth Mujahid Pathan have a family relationship for many years. Both were working in a private office in Solapur. Mujahid is married and the victim is single and studying. The Hindu girl called the persecution of Mujahid at Employment Chowk on March 1, 2023 for academic work. Since work takes time, the two went to an ice cream parlor to eat ice cream.

‘Activists of the Hindu movement came and started questioning’

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While the victim Hindu girl and Mujahid Pathan were eating ice cream, the workers and officials of a Hindu organization soon came. They started asking if you are a Hindu and that you live with a young Muslim man. The victim made several pleas, but none of them were heard. On seeing the identity card, the youth of the Hindu organization threw her out of the ice cream parlour, telling the girl’s relatives that her daughter was having an immoral relationship with a Muslim youth. Mujahid Pathan also beat the youth and took him to the side lane of Employment Chowk and started beating him mercilessly. The girl was asking to go to the police and check.

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Shouting Jai Shri Ram slogans, more Hindu youths were called and beaten – Mujahid Pathan

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According to Mujahid Pathan, a Muslim youth, they took me to an alley in Employment Chowk and started beating me. At that time they were calling from mobile phones, chanting Jai Shri Ram, calling other Hindu youths and beating me. Even in excruciating pain, I was being pushed down and trampled. They beat for almost half an hour. After some time I called my father. My Hizbarkhan Pathan father came to Employment Chowk and rescued me and admitted me to a private hospital.

‘My family is terrified; After securing everything, I submitted an application at the police station.

Mujahid Pathan, a young man, while giving information, said that my family is under terrible fear. My father and my wife initially approached the concerned Hindu girl. Learned detailed information. I made sure that there was no immoral relationship between me and the victim girl. My family advised me to go to the police station and file a complaint. After undergoing treatment in a private hospital, I and the concerned Hindu girl have duly submitted a written application at the Sadar Bazar Police Station on March 6.

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Response of Police Inspector Raghavendra Kshirsagar

Senior Police Inspector Raghavendra Kshirsagar of Sadar Bazar Police Station is conducting a thorough investigation into the incident, he said strict action will be taken against those who beat and take the law in their hands. The written requests of the injured Muslim youth and the victimized Hindu youth have been received and informed that action will be taken as per the complaint received.


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