Mushroom places in the Moscow region. When, how and what to collect

The best mushroom places in the Moscow region

The forests near Moscow are rich in various types of mushrooms. Most often, lovers of “silent hunting” go to the Ruza urban district, as well as to Kolomna and Stupino. But you can get a full basket of oil with chanterelles not only there. Welcome.mosreg told me about the most mushroom places in the region.

What and how to collect

Usually, the mushroom season in the Moscow region lasts until mid-October. At the end of August, you can find butterflies, chanterelles, porcini mushrooms, boletus, boletus, mushrooms, mushrooms, milk mushrooms, and volnushki. The same types of mushrooms can be caught in early autumn, and in November oyster mushrooms and mushrooms grow.

It is best to go on a “silent hunt” two to three weeks after a sharp change in weather. Climbing into dense thickets is not worth it, since mushrooms most often appear on forest paths and edges. Mushroom pickers also advise paying attention to coniferous and mixed forests.

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It makes no sense to arrange a gathering near Moscow since there is most likely nothing near the city. You need to go for mushrooms to those places that are at least 50 kilometers from the capital. At the same time, it is worth moving forward as early as possible in order to get ahead of the “competitors”.

Before going to the forest, be sure to study the map of the area and warn loved ones about your trip. For “quiet hunting” you need to choose the right clothes. It must be suitable for the weather and protect against ticks. Shoes must have thick soles.

Even experienced mushroom pickers argue about how to pick mushrooms correctly. Some are sure that they need to be twisted out of the ground, while others believe that mushrooms can only be cut with a knife. Opinions agree on one thing – mushrooms must be collected in such a way as not to damage the mycelium. The hole that remains in place of the fungus must be carefully sprinkled with earth. It is better to put mushrooms in a basket so that they do not wrinkle and are ventilated.

Mushroom places near Moscow

Five areas are considered the most popular for “silent hunting”. If you go from the Savelovsky railway station, you can get off at the Iksha, Morozki or Tourist stations. There can be caught boletus, honey mushrooms, boletus, russula, oyster mushrooms, and mossiness mushrooms.

The second direction is Yaroslavl. At the stations Zelenogradskaya, Kalistovo, Semkhoz, and Abramtsevo you can find honey mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, mossiness mushrooms, and porcini mushrooms. In the Kiev direction, mushrooms, summer mushrooms, volnushki, and oyster mushrooms are often found. The collection should start at the stations Alabino, Selyatino, Rassudovo, and Bekasovo.

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The next popular destination is Kazan. You can get there by train to the stations Danino, Grigorovo, Gzhel, Ignatievo, Bronnitsy, Lukhovitsy, and Yegoryevsk. People go to these places for blue-footedness, autumn mushrooms, and porcini mushrooms.

From the Leningradsky railway station you can get to the stations Podrezkovo, Povarovo, Golovkovo, Pokrovka and Frolovskoye. If you’re lucky, you can fill the baskets with boletus, boletus, russula, boletus, and honey mushrooms.

It is extremely important to collect only those mushrooms, the edibility of which you are sure of. Unfamiliar or doubtful mushrooms should not be taken. It is better to wander through the forest longer than to grab a deadly poisonous mushroom.

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