Museums of Russia will open their doors at night

Museums of Russia will open their doors at night

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Every year on May 18, International Museum Day is celebrated. There are many interesting, curious, impressive temples of culture in our country, where unusual collections are collected. For the holiday, they have prepared interactive programs, you can go on an excursion for free or at a discount, the doors of museums will be open at night.

On the weekend leading up to Museum Day, the Night of Museums campaign is taking place all over Russia, when cultural institutions work until late in the evening or even at night. At this time, visitors can view the expositions on a single city, often free, ticket.

In St. Petersburg, for example, the action will take place on the night of May 21. Institutions set their own visiting hours, some will be open until six in the morning. Dozens of museums participate in the program, including the Museum of Railways, the Museum of Hygiene and the Republic of Cats. You can buy a ticket to one museum for 250 rubles, to three – for 450 or to five – for 550. You can see the list of sites available to guests that night in the Northern Capital on the website The most popular of them are the Museum of Art of St. Petersburg of the XX-XXI centuries, the Ethnographic Museum, the Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic, the Gatchina Reserve and others.

In Novosibirsk, on the night of May 21, you can visit the Museum of Death. The staff of the institution prepared a large educational program. Entrance fee – 1000 rubles, for beneficiaries – half price.

Night of Museums in Kaliningrad will begin on May 19 at 20:00. Having bought a single ticket for 700 rubles, it will be possible to bypass 8 cultural venues. These are, for example, the Amber Museum, the Whaler’s House, the Cathedral. The Museum of the World Ocean also participates in the action. He will work until midnight.

The capital’s cultural institutions will open their doors at seven o’clock in the evening on May 20 and will receive guests free of charge until two in the morning. The events will be held in all districts of Moscow, and, in addition to museums, cultural centers, four libraries, two parks and one theater are participating in the action. Many tourists will rush to the capital that night to see the programs prepared by the Pushkin Museum, the Gogol Museum and other famous temples of culture.

The Moscow Museum Week, which will last until May 21, is timed to coincide with the holiday. These days, museums that have joined the action will be available for visits free of charge. The entire list of participating institutions can be viewed on the website.

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