murder of ex-deputy and his brother was shown live in India — EADaily, April 16, 2023 — Politics, Asia News

In northern India, the murder of ex-deputy Atik Ahmad, convicted of kidnapping and accused of murder and assault, and his brother Ashraf were shown live.

Both were shot dead during an attack in the city of Prayagraj in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

As reported on April 16 RIA News, Atik Ahmad and his brother, under the supervision of the police, were on their way to a medical examination. According to a police spokesman Ramit SharmaThere were three attackers, they arrived on motorcycles and pretended to be journalists.

“They managed to get close to Atik and his brother under the pretense of recording and fire at them at close range. Both received bullet wounds to the head. Everything happened in seconds, Sharma said.

Judging by the footage of the video, the brothers got out of the car and stopped to talk to the “journalists”. It can be seen how one of them brings a gun to the head of Atik Ahmad, he falls, and accomplices shoot at Ashraf. In all, about 30 shots were fired, according to police. Then the perpetrators surrendered.

Authorities across the state banned gatherings of more than four people, cut off the internet on mobile phones in Prayagraj, and ordered a judicial investigation into the incident.

The agency notes that Atik Ahmed was elected to parliament from the Phulpur district in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He was a defendant in more than 90 criminal cases, including articles on murder, kidnapping and extortion. Atik Ahmad, 60, jailed in 2019, found guilty of kidnapping lawyer Umesha Palawho testified against him in the case of the murder of a deputy in 2005.

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