Vinod Rajak of Bina, located in Sagar district, wants to make his three daughters athletes (Madhya Pradesh Athlete Sisters). His three daughters practice on the farm. All three have done well at the national level. At the same time, after the news came out, the Sports Secretary has told him to give him a chance in Athlete Hunt.


  • MP’s ‘Phogat daughters’ are practicing in the field
  • After the news came in the media, the Sports Secretary said that he would get a chance in the athlete hunt.
  • The three sisters practice in the field with the laboring father
  • All three girls have been national school athletes

Farmer Trained Athlete Daughters in MP’s Bina has made his three daughters players by practicing in the field. The track was built in the farmer’s farm of his daughters (Running Track In Farm For Athlete Daughter). The Sports Department has taken cognizance of this after the news was published in our associate newspaper Times of India. Along with this, now the ‘Phogat daughters’ of MP have been assured of a chance in the athlete hunt. If these girls achieve success in this, then they will get a chance in Athlete Academy.

Actually, all the three athletes used to practice in the field in Bina. He has got a chance to get admission in Athlete Academy. Talking to our partner newspaper Times of India, MP Sports Secretary Pawan Jain said that the department is always there to help such talents. He said that the talent hunt is closed due to Kovid. We will try to start from July. Pawan Jain said that these talented girls will get a chance. If he has the ability, he will be in the academy.

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Real life’s Dangal girl is being trained by her farmer father on the farm and railway track. All sports facilities in the state are closed due to Corona. Vinod Rajak, who lives in Karond village of Bina tehsil, runs 15-20 kms every day along with his three daughters Kajal, Aastha and Pooja. About 200 people live in Karond village, about 30 km from Bina city and 174 km from Bhopal. Every day all three practice in this village. All the three girls have been athletes of the National School and they have big dreams too. While Kajal and Pooja are cross-country runners, Aastha has competed in the 800 and 3000 meters category. Elder sister studies in college.

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Vinod Rajak has studied up to 10th standard. He owns a little more than an acre of land, which makes it difficult to feed the family. In such a situation, Vinod also works in other’s fields. Vinod’s effort is that there should be no hindrance in the education of daughters. At the same time, Vinod has built a track for his daughters in his agricultural land as there is no ground in the village.

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Practice for three hours in the morning
Vinod Rajak practices for three hours in the morning with the three daughters. After sunrise they go home. After that Vinod goes to work. At the same time, they return from work at five o’clock. After that practice again in the field with the daughters. Vinod told that our daughters have performed at the national level but due to synthetic track, they lag behind. Due to lack of facilities, daughters practice in the fields.



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