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Svetlana Bessarab, a member of the State Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs, noted in a comment to URA.RU who should expect increased payments this year.

Absolutely all Russian pensioners will be able to receive increased social benefits in 2022, emphasized publication’s interviewee.

“Of course, it is worth waiting for indexation, since the president’s order has been fulfilled. Until April 20, the government was instructed to make appropriate proposals for indexing social payments, pensions, and benefits. A decision will be made. The percentage is difficult to predict because inflation figures change. For the first quarter it was 9.95%, but now I don’t dare to say what percentage the change will be, but it’s clear that it will be, ”Bessarab notes.

The parliamentarian added that there are no exceptions to the indexation procedure.

“There were no exceptions. The presidential order contained no exceptions. For the year, military pensioners have already been increased by 12.6%. We remember that on October 1, 2021 there was an increase, and then another 8.6% in February of this year, taking into account the fact that a recalculation was also made for January, ”the deputy recalled.

Russian President Vladimir Putin previously instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to work out the issues of indexing wages, the minimum wage, the living wage, pensions and payments.



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