“Mow down all men for the sake of the West.” Military expert explained why the Ukrainians refused to serve

Military expert Mikhailov: Ukrainian authorities will mow down the entire male gender to please the West

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In Ukraine, about 100 sentences were handed down in a month for evading mobilization. As a measure of punishment, the accused are in most cases sent to prison. Military expert, specialist in interethnic conflicts, director of the Center for Strategic Studies of the South Caucasus, Yevgeny Mikhailov, in an interview with 360, told how the Kiev regime creates lawlessness and violates the rights of the male population.

“The number of sentences for military service evasion in Ukraine will only increase. Ukrainians do not want to be meat. After all, that’s what colonels and captains who serve in the Ukrainian army call them,” Mikhailov said.

In his opinion, the people of Ukraine are beginning to realize that they need to hide and resist those who illegally hand over subpoenas on the streets. Some men are afraid to leave the house – recently there were cases when they were caught during outdoor recreation, on barbecue.

Absolute lawlessness, lack of protection of the rights of the male population. The Ukrainian junta intends to mow down all men to please Western curators.

Evgeny Mikhailov

Soon, sentences will begin to operate in Ukraine not only for evading service, but also for mass executions of those who recruit people by force, hand over subpoenas, try to catch and send them to the front, the 360 ​​interlocutor suggested. He stressed that the trend is on the rise.

“I hope that in the near future, thousands of Ukrainians will begin to resist, to punish their colonels, captains,” he summed up.


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