Motorists in Moscow faced huge traffic jams in the city center

March 21, 2023, 10:50

Yandex Maps: traffic jams formed in the center of Moscow due to the closed Garden Ring

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On the morning of March 21, part of the Garden Ring was blocked in Moscow. This provoked large congestion on public roads in the city center. The situation was shown on Yandex Maps.

According to the navigator, almost the entire upper part of the Garden Ring was blocked. Stop signs on the maps are visible near the Smolenskaya metro station and Novy Arbat street and all the way to the Kursky railway station.

Near this zone, sections of roads are visible, marked with colors from burgundy to yellow. This designation indicates severe congestion in this area. The general situation on the capital’s public roads by 10 am Moscow time is estimated at six points, which is generally typical for the first half of a weekday.


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